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Battlements is a Multiplayer Brawler in which every player can take a role of an elemental that is fighting with others for Domination. The goal of the game is to collect 10 Power Ups and unleash final explosion.

Controls (Gamepad only):

Press Start to Join into the game,

Use D-Pad to select an elemental.

A - Jumping

Left Trigger/Bumper - Attacking Left (Hold for Power Attack)

Right Trigger/Bumper - Attacking Right (Hold for power Attack)

Hold Left and Right Attack to start channeling final attack, after 5 seconds of channeling you will become victorious. (10 Power Ups have to be collected)

Install instructions

To play the game, just unpackage the .zip file and launch the game with executable file.


BattlementsWin32.zip 55 MB

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