A downloadable game

The Coast of Norway is an experiment in collaboration. In the game you will find a maze that is incredibly hard to solve. The goal is to move the player character to the exit.

Only one person can be controlling the character in the maze at any time. If you start the game, the game of whoever might be playing will shut down. If someone else starts the game while you’re playing, your game will quit immediately.


Made in 36h, during Slavic Game Jam 2017.


Rami Ismail 
Mateusz Kietliński 
Sławek Kościukiewicz 
Kinga Litwin
Krzysztof Pachulski
Pablo Sorribes-Bernhard 
Jędrzej Wiliński 
Dominik Zgutka

THE GAME WILL BE AVALIABLE TO DOWNLOAD SOON. Follow #thecoastofnorway on Twitter.